Welcome to UNIFOR 1285 ‘S Organizing page. UNIFOR is the largest and most diverse private sector union in Canada. Our Local is committed to its members and community, by being at the forefront of collective bargaining and political issues. Our Union provides strong representation in the workplace as well as decades of experience at the bargaining table and educational support from the Family Education Centre in Port Elgin. There are a wide range of departments and resources available such as: legal, health and safety, pensions and benefits, and service representatives who support each workplace.

Who organizes the workplace?
The employees form their own union. Usually a committee is formed within the workplace who inform and sign up their coworkers. The committee receives direction and assistance from a UNIFOR organizer.

How will I benefit from Joining?
All employees benefit when they belong to a union. Workers join unions for access to fairness and justice! Collective bargaining ensures that all workers have a say in wages, benefits and working conditions on a regular basis. Furthermore, a contract gives unionized workers a legal right to grieve improper pay rates, health and safety issues, application of discipline, etc. This process ensures that problems, issues and concerns will not be side stepped, but rather mandated to be dealt with in a very specific time limit.
“Workers join unions for access to fairness and justice!”

Without a union and a collective agreement, you give management the sole discretion in determining what is fair and just, concerning all of your conditions of employment and without any means to challenge any decision that management makes.
Union dues make it possible:

  • To provide members with professional representation and advocacy.
  • Bargain contract for its members
  • Able to provide education services
  • Organizing support for those non-unionized workers who want to join UNIFOR.
  • For unions to advocate for social justice
  • Exercise your right to join a union.

    Under the law, employees in all provincial and federal jurisdictions have the right to join a union free from employer interference
    Do you lose anything when you join the union?
    No. Once a union applies for a certification vote, the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) requires that all terms and conditions of employment are protected.

    Can my employer take any action against me for joining a union?
    No. The decision to join a union is up to the individual without any influence, threats, or coercion from management.

    Does the employer find out who supported the union?
    No. The Ontario Labour Relations Act guarantees the secrecy of all membership evidence.

    What happens if an employer violates workers’ rights during a campaign?
    Notify the union, immediately. The union will file an “Unfair Labour practice Complaint”, with the OLRB.“Workers join unions for access to fairness and justice!”
    Local 1285: 905-451-8310 ext . 228
    Email: Justin@uniforlocal1285.ca

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