Brothers and Sisters,

I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is Justin Minello; I have been a proud member of Local 1285 for 24 years and I have recently taken on the assignment of Local Organizer. This position is shared between the National and the Local. My responsibilities include looking for new opportunities for our Local to grow. The best way I believe to accomplish this is to engage you, the Membership.

Successful organizing depends on the resourcefulness, the hard work of our Members, and the visibility of our Local Union. This is how the public will first learn about the Union. The unorganized will come to appreciate what we can do for their income, for their security, for their community. That is why our organizing strategy must be rooted in the efforts of our Members.

The Membership can help by:

  1. Sharing your story of being a unionized worker to other workers and family members, talk about the benefits of working in a unionized environment.
  2. Attend Union-sponsored events and bring a new person.
  3. When people around you say things that are simply not true about unions, correct them and share a positive experience.
  4. Read up on the CLC’s Union Advantage campaign and learn the facts about the advantages enjoyed by being a union member. (
  5. Reach out to the Local and discuss potential groups in your sector or area that could benefit from being members of UNIFOR.
  6. Identify workers who cannot organize and would benefit from working together as a community chapter.
  7. Ask a non-union worker if they have ever considered unionizing.
  8. Send letters to newspapers when they offer biased reporting against workers and unions.
  9. Participate in solidarity events for workers in your community who are on strike, locked out or who are organizing their workplace.
  10. Highlight the positive actions that your Union and Local Union are doing every day! Visit for regular updates.


Brothers and Sisters, when speaking with family or friends about their workplace please remember there is support here at the Local. With the help of the membership, the Local can develop contacts, which in turn will grow into leads. From there, these will turn into potential organizing campaigns and eventually into new members of UNIFOR and Local 1285. If you know of someone who is interested in joining UNIFOR please contact me.

I thank you in advance for your assistance and ask that you forward any potential contacts to the Local. Printed on the back is a list of benefits to belonging to a union, please study it and use it when speaking to people about the advantages of being unionized.

In Solidarity

Justin Minello
Local Organizer
905-451-8310 ext. 228


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